Like design, planning a new kitchen or bath is an iterative process. As you start out with one idea in mind or set out to solve one problem, you will soon discover many new ideas and possibilities you had not thought of originally. As you go back and try to incorporate your newfound ideas into your original plan you may discover new found obstacles, due to space limitations or placement of fixtures. This back and forth process of gathering ideas and seeing how they fit into your plan is highly valuable and will help you better understand all the possibilities available as well as how they might impact your budget. It is not uncommon to have two or three choices in final plans to choose from.

Start by clearly defining what you want to do with your space.

  • Open it up, improve circulation, let in more light
  • Rearrange it. Improve efficiency
  • Add space, square footage
  • Add storage, add workspace
  • Update, upgrade fixtures, appliances or materials
  • Improve traffic flow, improve the work triangle
  • Eliminate congestion, traffic conflicts

Next, start a scrapbook. Begin collecting ideas from magazines, tour model homes, visit appliance and fixture showrooms. Ask for input from neighbors friends and family. If possible, visit homes similar to yours to see what others have done. Keep notes about what you like as well as what you don’t like.   (We offer a free planning scrapbook.)  Get a feel for what things cost, keeping in mind there are often installation costs in addition to just the product or material cost.

Spend time on the Internet. Explore various ideas. Keep your scrapbook up to date, keep going back & refine your plan based on what you learn. Prioritize your goals for the space. It is better to hit your top one or two goals than to hit your bottom three.

Invite Design & Remodeling professionals to survey your space and discuss your ideas. (We provide free initial design consultation as a way of introducing our creativity, our capability & ourselves) this is also a good time to get a feel for who might make good design and remodeling partners to work with you on your project.

The time invested in planning will be directly proportional to your satisfaction with the final project and your overall comfort with your investment.

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